Hi to you all,

We hope you’re having a nice weekend and hopefully seeing a bit of sunshine. We got a night out at the beach to enjoy some time with the kids and it was beautiful today.

We just wanted to keep in touch and let you know things are ticking along here at Eketahuna Country Meats and Milk. We have settled into a new normal after COVID has come down to Level 1 and it’s great to see most businesses finding their way back to reopening. I know with our business and family we are making conscious decisions to buy local products from various companies to spread around our spending in the local economy. Buying local is more important now than ever before.

For those of you that are on the courier runs NZ Couriers have been really good with our freight so you can be confident when buying that it will get to you overnight. We ask you still check that tracking – and if you have not seen your delivery by midday if you can ring them or us to chase.

The Driver App we have been using has been experiencing some delay issues and occasional technical issues for some drivers. Lucy has been in touch with those of you affected. The software company we use has assured us these issues will be fixed soon and have been the result of a major upgrade they did in America. We have appreciated your understanding with this.

John & Helen McFadzean from Glenburn Station have had a good Winter and have just starting calving and lambing. Their stunning farm is able to be booked to stay at year round. All the information is on their website. You can see photos of where our delicious lamb and beef is supplied from. Their website is https://www.glenburnstation.co.nz/about

We have made the decision to not supply chicken at this stage. This is due to supply problems. Mainly the lead in time the chicken
suppliers needed to supply our orders. As you know we brought forward your cutoff date to a day earlier a few months ago but this was not enough to get it running smoothly. If we can find a solution to this we can try again, as we know so many of you were keen to have this added to your weekly delivery.

We have been talking to a local coffee supplier – who is a local Masterton icon who makes delicious food at his café Don Luciono and roasts beans on site. This will be available on our site soon.

We have seen the end of the plastic bottles that were needed over the Covid lockdown. Thank you for bearing with us with these. This was not something we enjoyed using but we were unable to have any alternative through what was a tough time to source supplies. We now have plenty of glass bottles in stock and are only a couple of weeks away from another shipment arriving. We are excited as these bottles are already printed and will enable us to supply more retail outlets.

We are now just finishing the Winter milking on Grant and Charlotte’s farm in Eketahuna. You may have noticed your yummy milk is been slightly more creamy over the last 6 weeks or so. It will start to settle back to the normal consistency that we have throughout the year as more cows start calving and join the fold.

We are looking into signing up some retails outlets now we have finished at the Wellington Markets on the weekends – so will let you know where you can top up midweek if your running low. The Eco Store on Hopper Street, Wellington and Bin Inn Petone are currently the only places you can pop in during the week. If there is a store near you that would be interested in stocking our milk then please tell them to get in touch.

We have been working with Henergy eggs for a while now and been able to supply their cage free eggs along with their free range pure eggs, unfortunately they have stopped producing their pure eggs where the chooks follow the cattle in the paddocks. There were a number of issues that they were experiencing but mainly due to the wet winters they were struggling to be able to provide a healthy environment for the chooks so made the regretful decision to cease that area of their business. We are working with another local egg supplier in order to provide genuinely free range eggs that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way. We are hoping to have this sorted within the next week. We have currently made those of you with recurring orders for the Pure eggs inactive and can reinstate this once the new supplier is up and running.

We have plenty of frozen wild goat currently in stock. This is bone-in and retails for $15/kg, and also various wild venison cuts available online.

If you have any questions on how to cook a certain cut or questions about the service, we are always here to chat to. The lovely Lucy is on the phone 063703329 Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 4.00pm and Friday's 8.00am - 12.00 noon and email info@ecmm.co.nz and also Steve and I. www.ecmm.co.nz ( http://www.ecmm.co.nz )

Have a great week,
Pip & Steve

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