We hope that you and your family are well and thank you for all your support over these last four weeks.
These have been troubling and unexpected times for everyone. For us to be able to continue delivering into your home has been a privilege and challenging as we have faced new processes and regulations. We have had to adapt quickly and be out of our normal routine. You have supported us in this, and we are extremely thankful.

We have made a few changes along this journey and wanted to update you on some of these.

For those of you with questions about the temporary plastic bottles being used until the glass ones arrive from overseas, I hope some of these points below can answer them. Please email if you have any further queries.


-   Aprox 90% of customers will receive GLASS bottles as normal. It currently has only affected a couple of runs and we have only used 600 bottles in the whole 4 weeks.

 -   Yes, all glass bottles will be refunded as normal when you leave them out for collection.

 -   There will be no bottle deposit charged when you receive a plastic bottle.

 -   We have a supplier coming back to us with the expected delivery time of new glass bottles. We don’t know that date yet but can let you know as soon as we do. We are currently living with a worldwide pandemic and I know people want certainty, but we estimate a 3-5 week wait. As soon as they arrive, we will remove the plastic bottles and update you.


One of our top priorities is to bring the delivery times back to normal and get all your cuts as ordered by you to you. We have 2 new drivers and have purchased another two vans that are on the road now. We have been unable to supply some cuts throughout the last few weeks, but we are now getting our systems in place and we hope to be able to deliver your order in full. A small change that we are making that will make a big difference to our team in being able to deliver in full every time is we are extending our cut off times by an extra day. At present, for instance, a delivery on a Thursday morning will have a cut off on Tuesday night at 11.30pm this cut off time will now be on Monday night at 11.30pm. By doing this we are hoping that our team will have a bit of extra time to make sure you receive what you have ordered or alternatively it gives us time to contact you if we can't supply, and let you have time to choose an alternative product.

It has been challenging at times as we cannot currently increase our staff at this site, as we still need to adhere to the special distancing required to keep staff and customers safe during COVID Level 4& 3. We are extremely grateful to all of our staff- especially our butchery staff that have often worked 15-18 hour days during the week and have then come in on the weekends to try and keep up. Our drivers have also been incredible and have often worked longer than they should just to make sure you have received your order.

We have made a change to the delivery charges on the orders. This isn’t a decision we make lightly but a reality of the last year of finding our feet and learning how many deliveries a night can be made physically by 1 driver. A fee of $3 will now be charged to every delivery no matter the size of the order. We have decided to be as transparent as possible and not try to hide the delivery cost in the product pricing. We believe that a $3 charge is still reasonable and we are still covering a large percentage of the delivery costs from within the business as the actual cost of delivery is closer to $8.

We had been working for a while with Bostock Chicken to be able to bring you some of their products and we tried to introduce this over the last few weeks, This has been problematic to say the least. the issue that we have had is that they haven't been able to supply what we have ordered and in turn, we have had a lot of customers ordering chicken and just not receiving it. We have talked through this with the Bostock's boys and have decided to look at starting again in a few weeks once they have their systems in place to be able to supply us in full every time. But don't worry we will definitely have chicken available as soon as we can. We are also working with a few other local suppliers to be able to provide a greater range of products and we will let you know as soon as we have finalised these.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we have been working through these COVID-19 changes. We were totally caught out with the demand that we have experienced and although we needed the growth in order to become an economic and sustainable business the speed in which it has happened has caught us a little off guard.

On the positive side of things, we are about to launch our new packaging for our meat. We are only a few weeks away from having home compostable packaging for our vacuum packaged meat cuts. We are hoping that this will cover our entire range although there are a few bone in products that may not be suitable for this new packaging. We will certainly let you know which ones these are.

Thank you again for your support and we are looking forward to continuing to be able to provide you with quality products directly to your home.


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