Although our food isn't registered organic all of our food is entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and farmed with minimal pesticide use. 
While we do not anticipate any problems with our order, we stand ready to address any questions, concerns or issues. Feel free to email me at pip@eketahunacountrymeats.co.nz or contact us via phone at (06) 375 8060
Please reference your address and the name that is on your account. This will assist us in providing the best customer service for you and your family as possible.
When you place an order for milk, you will be charged $4.00 per bottle.
You receive your bottle deposit back by leaving your empty bottles right where your next delivery will be left on your next delivery date for us to pick up. We will credit your account once we receive the bottle. If you keep a bottle, you will not be credited that deposit amount. 
Grant and Charlotte haven't tested their cows individually but approximately 80% of their herd has the A2 protein. This is something that we may look into in the future but at the moment we can't sell the milk as A2.
The herd is a cross bred herd with the cows being roughly 3/4 Fresian and 1/4 Jersey. We have found that this mix of cross breeding provides a smooth silky milk without having an excessive amount cream.
All of our pork comes from Freedom Farms.
The pork is from Canterbury and although isn't local the quality and consistency is exceptional. 
It is no coincidence that the pork is of such great quality and the pigs are free farmed and kept under strict regulations set out by the SPCA and have received the Blue Tick for animal welfare. 
No it's not, Initially it was but as we have grown we have worked with the Mcfadzean family from Glenburn station and they are our only other supplier for Angus Beef and Lamb.
Check out our suppliers page to find out more about Glenburn and our friends the McFadzean family.



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